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Episode 16- David Byrd, CEO of Byrd Racing, Joins the Show

April 6, 2018

This week Matt Hickey @IndyCar_MN guest hosts with Mike while Jess is away and Matt and Mike are joined by Byrd Racing CEO David Byrd! What a great interview. We discuss his family's racing roots, how he got the Belardi Racing/Baldwin Brothers racing parntership with USAC driver Chris Windom for the Freedom 100 and "Windoms Wild Week" where Chris will be driving 5 different racing disciplines in 7 days! We get David's thoughts on the current IndyCar landscape and other fan submitted racing questions. Our #InJayFryeWeTrust shirts will be posted online today and made available for sale next week! Remember you can find the show on all podcast platforms (NOW SPOTIFY TOO!) or listen live on Fridays from 315-415pm Eastern time on www.wildfireradiosports.com!