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Episode 17 - Why Ovals Aren’t Dead

April 13, 2018

Welcome back! Guest host Matt Hickey continues to help out Mike for another week (Jess will return next week) We discuss the race at Phoenix, dive into how amazing Robert Wickens' start has been, and Will Power's comments about Rossi passing him. We dive head-on into the hot topic of the week thanks to Robin Miller's racer.com article and why ovals arent actually dying, but how they can improve to get more crowds out there. We discuss other recent oval races going back to the 1990s that have been great (RIP Nazareth Speedway), discuss more Indy 500 entries announced and even give F1 some love at the end of the episode. Remember leave a review of the show (include your twitter handle) and be entered to win a free #InJayFryeWeTrust shirt PLUS 2 pit/paddock passes to a race of your choosing (thanks to Jay Frye himself for that) contest end Friday morning 10am eastern on April 20.


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